Internet Marketing

Direct Marketing

Before firing at all cylinders with marketing efforts, it’s important to know your target market and how to engage them in the most effective manner. At IBR, our marketing professionals are management and marketing graduates with a solid understanding of how to convey your message in the most powerful manner to the people you’re trying to reach. Whether it be physical marketing (fliers and posters) or media marketing (promotional photos or video), our team of media gurus can help you reach those goals you’ve set.

A few of IBR’s services are listed here, but shoot us an email if you have other creative ideas we can help with!

It is important as a business to engage your target market through media outlets that work. At IBR, we have an entire marketing department geared toward guiding you through all steps of the marketing process.

  • Target market analysis
  • Ad design
    • Posters and banners
    • Signage and billboard design
    • Graphic and logo planning & design
  • Photography
    • Staff/company photos
    • Real estate photography
    • Product line photos
  • Videography
    • Custom industry interviews
    • Promotional company videos
    • Drone/aerial photography
  • Newsletter creation

Need promotional photos and videos or need better quality advertisements? IBR’s Media Department has photography and videography graduates with the skills and equipment necessary to make impressionable content for any advertisement purpose you may have. Need a team to help you better relate to a target audience? Then Team IBR is for you. Our diverse and properly trained staff has allowed us to engage and relate to all demographics and age groups, making it easier for us to translate that into helping the outreach of your business.

Contact us today to find out what IBR can do to help you stand out!