Systems Engineering

Cloud Computing


As the next big IT transformation evolves and customers migrate their applications to the Cloud, IBR is well positioned to help customers design, build, deploy and maintain cloud-based solutions. Our enterprise architects and engineers are well-versed in creating DevOps environments in the cloud and leveraging best-in-class open source tools to ensure your development environment can be ready to optimize IT procurement timelines. IBR has invested in getting our resources knowledgeable to install, configure, and be capable of managing application development in the Cloud using Cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services as well as understanding all other areas including security, networking, system administration, IT operations, and Infrastructure Assurance.

In addition, we are currently working with customers to develop and build solutions that will be deployed as cloud-based applications. We understand how to perform application characterizations so that we can plan new infrastructure requirements and the processes needed to successfully migrate legacy application to the Cloud. Our engineers have experience in application migration of IT systems from corporate data centers to software as a service (SaaS) solutions and managed the deployment, transition, and data migrations required for the successful completion of those projects.